Cheap Road Trip Dinners

A Picture of Dinner:Dinner tonight: a can of soup and an apple and hard boiled egg (compliments of the hotel breakfast).

A microwave, a room, a can of soup and leftovers from breakfast. This is how we keep our road trip on budget.

Almost all rooms now have complimentary breakfasts. We grab a few snacks for later in the day. And almost all have in room microwaves (if not, you can usually use one in the lobby).

It takes some pre-planning to have this delicious and nutritious dinner in your room. We pack some utensils, paper plates, condiments, etc. Either take some cans of soup or if you are near a grocery store, pick up a frozen meal and some fruit or salad. Another perfect dinner is a baked potato prepackaged for microwaving. Pick up some sour cream and bacon bits and a bag of steamed vegetables and you are ready to dine in style. Be sure to carry containers and baggies for leftovers and wax paper to prevent splattering in the microwave (the housekeeping staff will thank you).


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