W & G’s Night on the Town

Alias "Weasel" on the wall at the old fort in St. Augustine, Florida

Weasel & Grasshopper’s “really budget” night on the town in St. Augustine.

Alias "grasshopper" walking the grounds of the old fort in St. Augustine, Florida.

Saturday night on the town with Weasel & Grasshopper in St. Augustine, FL. August 2014

I guess most wives would expect an elegant night on the town on a Saturday night. What do I get? A husband who buys one $5.75 Chinese dinner, searches for free parking and says, “Let’s go sit on the wall and split this meal.”

The seawall was rough and dirty on the muddy shores of the bay by the fort and our entertainment was watching the tide come in so a beached boat could upright itself and float away. To add to the mood, a man with a constant gravelly cough sat on the wall with us and a nearby girl, who apparently had too much to drink, threw up in the water. Out in the bay, a pretend pirate boat circled a cruise boat and blasted it with canon fire scaring the crap out of us.

The breeze from the bay quickly chilled our food and mosquitos started to swarm. Then Weasel exclaimed, “Let’s walk through the town.”

Lot’s of restaurants and bars had bands playing. Do you think we would sit and have a drink to enjoy the music? Of course not. We sat on a jagged rock outside a bar and listened. To top off the night, we walked 12 blocks to our free parking on a dark secluded street.

Another fun – really budget – night with Weasel & Grasshopper.

Grasshopper  August 17, 2014


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