Invest in experiences, not stuff

Young girl selling baskets in Northern Guatemala - 2009.

I came across an article that I clipped in 2011 written by Melissa Gotthardt, a health, nutrition and wellness freelance writer. It was titled “When Money Buys Happiness.” Apparently I have been interested in topics that reinforce my minimalist and nomadic lifestyle for a long time. She said simply “Invest in experiences, not stuff,” the same philosophy as Laurie Santos in her Yale course, The Science of Well-Being.

You adapt to purchases of material items so the happiness wears off. But the memory from experiences gets better and better over time. My husband and I have never put off travel. And I cherish the 10 years I spent traveling with my mother into her 90’s. I can truly attest to the fact that experiences really do get better over time. I never reminisce about items I’ve purchased.


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