Alachua Sink – One of Florida’s Largest Sinkholes

Alachua Sink Boardwalk in Paynes Prairie, Florida

Hiking LaChua trail on New Year’s Day provided a relaxing journey through the natural wonders of interior Florida.

The limestone bedrock underneath most of Florida was formed millions of years ago. Alachua Sink, one of the largest sinkholes in Florida, is a conduit for surface water to filter through the cracks in the limestone. Informative signs explain how our water usage determines whether the watershed is healthy or hazardous (see the sign below).

“At peak flow, over one hundred million gallons of water a day enter the underground aquifer through the sink.”

Overview of Alachua Sink in Paynes Prairie, Florida
Alachua Sink in Paynes Prairie, Florida

Alachua Sink in Paynes Prairie also serves as an alligator habitat. An interesting sign (below) explains how they remain at the top of the food chain.

January 5th, 2019

These signs reveal valuable pieces of history. I like to take pictures of them so I can read them thoroughly upon returning home. I am attaching them so you can read them too.


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