Brain Boost on Steroids

Panning for gold near Julian, California in 2011.

Sampling Life

Nomad Barb with donkey and bandaged head.

Panning for gold didn’t pan out (we even tried using a donkey to find gold) but we got a whole new education and a big boost to our brain power – California 2011.

I have often felt inferior because I never specialized in a subject to become an expert. But this week I read an article in Dr. Oz The Good Life magazine that made me feel a whole lot better.

The article was under the heading of “Brain Boost” and said that sampling or “dabbling” in subjects helps you become a more creative problem solver and gives you more experiences to draw from.

If that is the case, my brain boost must be on steroids. Weasel and I have sampled so many ways of life and so many subjects, mostly due to being nomadic with its many challenges and freedom to try new things.

Magazine: Dr. Oz The Good Life – “Yay for Amateurs” June 2017 Volume 4 / Issue 5


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