The Flip Side

Crowded buses in Guatemala.

freelance travel vs. an organized tour…

You’re on your own so get ready for……
crowded buses, roaches in your room the size of rodents, rodents, paper thin sheets and towels, hidden money belts, watching over your shoulder, meeting scary people, banditos who put trees across the road to rob you, dangerous electrical wiring, no hot water, guards with oozies, beds that dip deep in the middle, gunfire, fights in the street below your window, getting lost, finding a really unforgettable room, sketchy roads, taking local transportation in the wrong direction, toilet paper for a fee, don’t drink the water.

But…… it will be trip you’ll NEVER forget!!
See “the good side”

We spent three weeks backpacking through Guatemala in
February 2009.
Budget – $70/day for 2.


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