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Is a nomadic lifestyle right for you?

We hope to help you decide as we discuss:


Being nomadic means downsizing – really downsizing. But it gives us freedom to move around, experience new cultures, study more, volunteer more, travel more and hike more –  for us – on an extreme budget.

Pros and Cons

The pros are many, but they come with a price. Are you cut out to be a nomad? The honest truth is that society is not very accepting of a nomadic person. We grow up with engrained beliefs that being a homeowner with a steady job is the only respectable way to live. We constantly struggle with going against the norm.


Although one can live on a smaller budget because of fewer material objects, it is difficult making a living with no specific location. We are constantly striving to come up with new ways to support our nomadic lifestyle.


Having more freedom gives us more time to volunteer and help others.