Warm Winter Hikes

We were becoming too predictable. So I said, “lets go hiking – in snow – in Utah this winter.”  This is crazy because Milton hates the cold. I mean he really hates the cold. All our friends and family know that. I couldn’t believe his answer! “OK.”

Palm Canyon Kofu, Arizona - Winter 2002

Palm Canyon Kofu, Arizona – Winter 2002

Our seasonal business allows us to take several months off in the winter. For over 20 years, we always headed to warmer climate. Summer is our busy season so we never get to experience Northern places. We decided to rise to the challenge and just do it.

We bought cold weather clothes, water proof hiking boots, crampons (chains for our boots) new ski masks, etc. We did a practice hike in Virginia when our first snow came in December.

The logical thing to do would be to fly into Vegas, but the day before I was going to book it, Milton woke up in a cold sweat. “I had a nightmare about women with big coats, stuffing Christmas packages in the overhead compartments and babies crying”. Suddenly our plans changed to a road trip.


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